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As a Not For Profit company we re-invest our profits back in to the business to continually grow and to ensure that we can deliver services to the community and to those that most benefit from them at cost effective prices. As we value our animals so much as work colleagues, our running costs to maintain, feed and care for them is extremely high.

When you donate to Animal Days Out you can be sure that we will ethically re-invest the donation back into the company for the animal welfare in general.

There are many ways in which you can donate to Animal Days Out.

♦ Cash Donations are Welcome - Please Call the Invoice with Your Credit and Debit Card Details

♦ Animal Feed - We Welcome Any Donations of Animal Feed You Can Spare or Have No Need For

♦ Animal Enclosures, Runs or Vivariums - If You Need To Get Rid of Any Animal Enclosures, Then Give Us a Call

♦ Lights, Heating and Equipment - If you have any spare reptile lighting, heating or equipment then we are always in need of spares and replacements 

Coming Soon! We will be updating the donations page so that all donations can be automated through the website. For now contact us with your donations using the methods below:

Call Call: 0845 604 4921
Send An E-Mail E-mail:
Complete Our Form Complete Our On-Line Form 


Animal Days Out C.I.C. - A Not For Profit Community Interest Company

Part and Parcel of the Community..

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