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Animal Days Out (C.I.C.) has successfully delivered fun, interactive and educational animal handling encounters, open sessions, workshops and courses to thousands of children and young people across London and the South East. Our staff team consists of trained professionals with extensive experience in educating the public, especially children and youth as well as the handling and training of diverse species.

We strive to provide the utmost in care for our animals; from diet and nutrition to socialization training and behavioural enrichment. The care of our animals and the quality of the workshops we provide to the community, are paramount to our service provision. We present fun, exciting and safe workshops catered for the relevant age groups and we run various workshops suitable for children and young people aged 3 to 18 years old.

All of the animals that work with us in our team either came to us from other educational facilities, zoos or wildlife parks, are rescue animals or captive bred in the UK. They are now dedicated “creature-teachers” and also an integral part of our animal therapy team. None of our animals have been taken from the wild.


Animal Days Out Workshops

♦ Curriculum based workshops delivered by experienced animal handling experts.

♦ Youth trained staff experienced in pitching and engaging with Children and Young People

♦ Motivated, inspirational leaders

♦ Environmental topics 

♦ Optional outdoor workshops

♦ Identifiable, badged and uniformed staff team

♦ Minimum of 2 ADO staff for all educational workshops

♦ Highly socialized animals with suitable temperaments for working as part of our team

♦ Detailed animal handling risk assessments

♦ Licensed for presenting and transporting animals

♦ 5 million Public Liability insurance for all animal handling workshops

♦ Staff are CRB/DBS checked


An Animal Days Out topic can encompass many subject areas within the curriculum and we can focus on specific topics as required or touch on several areas. Please discuss with a member of our team if there is anything in particular you would like to be included in your session.

In warmer months we welcome the opportunity to offer workshops in suitable and safe spaces outdoors as being outside in nature complements the workshops and this is the more natural setting for children and young people to engage with our animals. We can bring a marquee or gazebo with tables for outdoor sessions. We can lay out a groundsheet for children to sit on or alternatively you can provide chairs for your group.

All our workshops encourage group discussion and interaction and we invite questions as we come round with the animals appropriate to your workshop.

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