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Club Fees and PricingWildlife and Nature Close At Hand


Our club fees and pricing are based upon an annual contribution and then a weekly fee paid half-termly or full term in advance. The annual contribution assists your child with many additional benefits and helps us as a not-for-profit company with insurance and administration costs for the school term year. Club children get discounts on holiday club fees and some of our other services.

Annual Contribution

To join our club, there is an initial annual contribution of £10 (2015/16) which is then paid annually (September) and includes:-

Your Child's Annual Insurance - Covers your child's public liability, after school club insurance, Animal Handling and Forest/Bushcraft activities insurance  

♦ A Cotton Bag with Welcome Pack - As a one-off joining gift, the cotton bag can be designed and decorated by them and will be a useful addition to help your child keep their belongings together when coming to club each week. They will also receive a welcome letter and gift bag to welcome them to our clubs

Priority and Discounted Booking for Holiday Clubs - You will recieve priority notice and booking options over the general public when dates, schedules and venues are released for our holiday clubs. The annual contribution also entitles any club children to a 10% discount on the standard ADO holiday club programs.

Discount Booking Fee - Of 10% when booking some of our other products and services including Animal Encounter and Bushcraft parties and Adult Experiences.

♦ Badge Scheme - Automatic membership to our badge scheme to accredit and recognise their learning and achievements 

2015-16 Fees Schedule

Fees are payable half-termly or for a full term depending on the method by which you would like to pay. An average half-term is 6 weeks for example, but occasionally the term can be 7 or even 8 weeks

Session Fees - Based on 6 weeks

Young Explorers - 1 hour session  - £6 per session  - £36 per term + £3 for a badge = £39
Rangers - 1½ hours session - £7 per session - £42 per term + £3 for a badge = £45

Methods of Payment

Our methods of payment are as follows:

Half-Termly in Advance

♦ Fees can be paid half-termly in advance by direct payment arrangement only.

♦ Payments are taken by prior agreement by credit or debit card * from the customer directly by us.

♦ The customer completes a direct payment agreement form or advises details by telephone and the fees are taken using the details agreed one week in advance of the new term.

♦ The customer receives an email approaching the end of term with a weeks notice to advise ADO if their child is not returning and we will then cancel the debit instruction and delete all securely stored card details. 

♦ When the payment is taken, the customer receives an email confirmation.

Full-Term Payment in Advance

For all other payment methods, a full-term payment in advance must be paid by:-

♦ Credit or Debit Cards *

♦ Electronic Bank Transfer 

* Credit and debit cards will be charged an additional £1.50 surcharge to cover our merchant bank and administration fees.

For convenience we welcome payment over the phone (0845 604 4921 or 020 8850 6778 from a mobile) at any time during working hours.

Normal Office Hours are Monday to Friday - 9.30am until 6pm.

Payment TermsADO Academy

1. Half-Termly and full term fees are payable in advance only
2. Late payments may result in your child being excluded.
3. If your child joins before mid-year (before March term), they will be required to join with full annual contribution and then pay for the remainder of the term fees applicable.

4. If Your child joins after mid-year (from March term), they will be required to pay 50% annual contribution for the remainder of the school year and then pay for the remainder of the term fees applicable.

5. Once children have been booked into their club spaces, fees are non refundable for half term or full term payments, holidays, illness or any other absences unless in extenuating circumstances.

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