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Early and Late Club ChildcareEarly and Late Club - For Working Parents


Ideal For Working Parents and Carers

We have some great options for Working Parents and Carers so you don't have to change your plans if you need childcare. It's great if you can get time off during the School Half-terms and Holidays, but if you can't get annual leave we have the perfect solution for you. We have an Early and Late Club so that you can drop them in on the way into work and pick them up on the way home. If you are thinking its just child care, then think again! We provide quality and OFSTED registered childcare and so much more! Our activities are engaging and interactive, so that your children will actually get something rewarding out if their day with us. Just book your children into our Early and Late Clubs and we make sure they have plenty of activities and entertainment until its time to be collected. 

You can choose to book them into the Early Club only, the Late Club only, or if necessary both the Early and Late Clubs.


Early ClubIdeal for Working Parents

Our Early Club starts bright and early at 8am. You can drop your children off anytime from 8am until the formal club registration time of 9.45am-10.15am. Its ideal if you don't have childcare and need to get to work on time and make sure the children are looked after during the day. When you arrive, simply park up and drop your children at the registration desk and a member of staff will collect your child and take over to allow you to go off to work.


Late Club

When normal club hours finishes at 4pm, we offer an extension until 6pm for our Late Club. This is ideal for those working to pick the children up on the way home. When you arrive at the venue you will pick your children up at the registration point.



At the ADO Academy we don't just shove the children in a corner of a room with some colouring books and pencils. Those children on Early and Late Clubs will be helping our own staff with preparation the day for later and learn about working in a team. They will get to feel part of our support team. At Late Club, they will help with any animals onsite or help the leaders prepare for the next day. They really enjoy helping and we don't hold any responsibility for them not wanting to go home at the end of the day!



Our Early and Late clubs cost just £5 per session at Royal Park and £7-Early and £8-Late for Mini Explorers. The Mini-Explorers extensions are slightly longer and for early years the staff ratio's are higher per child, hence the difference in prices. That's just £10 for both the Early and Late Club (£15 for Early Years). Its a 'No Brainer'!


How to Book

When booking your day through our Registration Form simply tick the relevant boxes for the Early and Late Clubs you wish to book and we will do the rest.



We do limit our Early and Late Clubs to 8 Mini-Explorers or 16 Young Explorers and Rangers respectively each session. So don't miss out if you want the piece of mind that your children will be having a great time, whilst you can concentrate on getting that report finished for your boss.


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