Information For Professionals

Information For Professionals 

The Animals For Therapy team specialise in our business to business therapy solutions offering services for professionals caring for children, young people and adults. We offer a large range of services for children, young people and adults with learning difficulties or mental health issues, health problems and the elderly. These can take place at our centre, your organisation or location of your choice. 

As well as utilising our own tranquil 9 acre centre in Eltham, South East London, we currently provide mobile outreach services to a wide range of settings including special needs schools, community groups, day centres, hospitals, residential care homes and secure children’s homes, PRU’s and prisons. 

Headline Services

♦ Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) - Within Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), there are pre-determined aims and goals to be achieved as the desired result of the therapy sessions, with support of professionals of the relevant field. These goals may cover a wide spectrum of improvements including physical, educational, mental health and motivational.

♦ Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) - Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) are open to groups or individuals and are suitable for children, young people and adults. Unlike AAT they are not structured with a specific treatment goal for individuals, but interaction with our animals and nature based activities can improve emotional and physical well-being and quality of life. AAA can be for recreational, social, motivational and educational events, beneficial for physical and mental health or for supporting the community. They can be one-off ad-hoc events or regular pre-arranged sessional events.

 Assessment for 1 to 1 AAA and AAT - We offer an initial assessment for 1 to 1’s to discuss the individual’s own needs and interests. This would include time with a range of our animals to assess which will be therapeutically beneficial to them.

 Social and Therapeutic Horticulture - Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) is the process of using plants and gardens to improve physical and mental health, as well as communication and thinking skills.Open to groups or individuals, our STH programs are suitable for young people and adults. Unlike HT they are not structured with a specific treatment goal for individuals, but working with plants, flowers & nature and other outdoor activities can improve mental and physical well-being.

 Horticultural Therapy - Horticultural Therapy (HT) is a formal practice that uses plants, horticultural activities, and the garden landscape to promote well-being for its participants. Within HT there are pre-determined goals agreed between the Client and Therapist. The goals may cover a wide spectrum of improvements including physical, educational, mental health and motivational. Achieving these goals is the desired result of the therapy sessions and dictates the activities undertaken. HT sessions are administered by professionally trained Horticultural Therapists.

Animal, Nature and Outdoor Therapy Groups 

These groups are tailored to the related issues of each group, such as depression, anxiety, anger or bereavement, these groups encompass Animal Assisted Activities, Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) creative and outdoor activities such as bushcraft and forest school. We also offer Equine Therapy for those wishing to work with horses.

Respite and Carers Sessions

We run weekly sessions for people living with mental or physical illnesses to come and spend some therapeutic time with our animals and enjoy outdoor activities at our site whilst their carers get some well earned respite time. We can set up a session for your patients or clients in your organisation tailored to the specific needs of your group.

Specialist Services

Having such a unique offering combining animals with nature and outdoor activities, including horticultural therapy, The Animals For Therapy team can offer a large and complex array of beneficial and therapeutic programmes and activities for professionals, companies and organisations looking for alternative ideas for their patients and clients. We have such a huge choice of therapeutic options to choose from, its the main reason why we can diversify, fine tune and fit almost any combination of programmes to both individuals and groups ensuring that benefits and outcomes are met or exceeded.

Venue and Locations

We have already mentioned that we offer mobile outreach services. We also have a choice of venues and partner locations depending on the services offered including:

♦ The Environment Centre - Eltham - 9 acre wildlife reserve

♦ Keats Community Garden - Welling - A ½ acre plot with community garden and allotments for equine and horticulture therapy

♦ The Enchanted Woodland - Dartford - A 3 acre woodland for bushcraft and forest school

♦ Oxleas Allotment - A large allotment plot for horticulture therapy

♦ Animal Days Out Community Garden - Bexley - A site for horticulture and bushcraft

♦ North Cray Stables - Bexley - Equine Therapy Site


You can be assured that the Animals For Therapy team are as professional as you would expect when working in a business to business environment. We have succesfully delivered therapy services to many organisations and ensure that our operations and staff follow our strict guidelines and ethics of being a not for profit community interest company. Our staff are fully trained and our operations, health and safety and safeguarding are of paramount importance. We are fully licensed for animal handling and have the appropriate level of insurance to work with animals, children, young people and adults.

For more information on why we think you should choose the Animals For Therapy team, please have a read of our article, 'Why Choose Us?HERE>

Regional Coverage

The Animals For Therapy Team cover individual customers living in London and the South East, Kent, Sussex, Parts of Hampshire, West of London, and parts of Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us to find out whether we can cover your location.

Contact Us 

If you are a professional, company or organisation interested in finding out more about our therapy services, please use the contact details below:

Call  Call: 0845 604 4921 or 020 8 850 6778 from a mobile
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