Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

Animal Assisted Activities

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) are open to groups or individuals and are suitable for children, young people and adults. Unlike AAT they are not structured with a specific treatment goal for individuals, but interaction with our animals, nature and outdoor based activities can improve emotional and physical well-being, mindfulness and quality of life. 

1:1 Sessions

AAA involves a wide range of activties working with animals, wildlife and nature and is based on 27 of our own structured programs for recreational and mental health benefit. For children and young people, each of these programs can be completed by earning a badge which provides a sense of achivement and supports inprovement in confidence and self esteem.

Educational AQA Unit Awards

We are an accredited training centre and offer linked AQA unit awards on various subjects for certification on animal care. AQA awards are suitable for people with various ages, abilities and capacities and the level of award can be catered to the individual. Please call the office for more information.

Flexible Approach

AAA can be for recreational, social, motivational and educational events, beneficial for physical and mental health or for supporting the community. They can be one-off ad-hoc events or regular pre-arranged sessional events. These activities can take place at our site or your centre or location of choice. We can provide these services in a wide range of settings including special needs schools, community groups, day centres, hospitals, residential care homes, secure children’s homes, PRU’s and prisons. In fact our AAA services can be used for all these services and so much more. Please contact us if you feel our AAA services would be beneficial to your group or individuals with specific, additional or special needs. 

Mobile Outreach Services

We can offer mobile outreach visits to the home environment for those with individual budgets who would benefit from a personal visit in their home setting. This session method allows each person time to observe, or handle our animal (depending on the animal involved and the needs and abilities of the individual) in the familiar environment of their own homes. There are various key goals of sessions in this format as follows;

♦ Create an atmosphere which is conducive to improving the comfort and emotional state of the people involved in the activities.

♦ Encouragement and support for patients to benefit from the presence of animals to redirect their focus to nurturing and positive tactile activities which can improve sensory awareness and induce response from therapeutic touch.

♦ Support the patients to focus on their environment as opposed to themselves and any illness which may be affecting them, their behaviour and emotional well being.

♦ Create opportunities to change and improve the relationship between patients and professionals by aiding them to forge their own connection with the presence of animals. 

Our Staff

All our AAA sessions are led by trained Animal Therapy Assistants who may be undertaking AAT study with us or qualified Animal Assisted Therapists who specialise in supportive therapy techniques. The Animals For Therapy team have the experience to discuss in confidence any enquiries regarding our services and how they may benefit you or your organisation. 

Regional Coverage

The Animals For Therapy Team cover London and the South-East. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us to find out whether we can cover your location.

Contact Us

Our AAA sessions are bespoke to best suit group or individual needs, therefore please feel free to give us a call for an informal chat about how we can help you. 

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