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Bushcraft Adventure PartyFrom £250


Its not just animals that we specialise in at Animal Days Out! We also offer a fantastic Bushcraft Adventure Party. Its a great chance for your wild child to have a outdoor adventure they will forever remember. No more boring parties inside community or church halls with the same old entertainment. This adventure will be in the great outdoors, come rain or shine. Its a chance for the children to live out there dreams of becoming Bear Gryll's for the day. Our Bushcraft Adventure Parties are a minimum of 2½ hours in length, so there is plenty of time for the children to let off steam and enjoy the activities.

8 Ways To Have A Bushcraft Adventure

We have 8 fabulous Bushcraft modules to choose from, so there should be something for everyone. Each module provides an opportunity to try a real bushcraft skill. With each Bushcraft Adventure, you can choose any one of two modules listed below:

♦ Natural Shelter Building - (Suitable for Ages 6 to 14 years) - Have some great fun building shelters in the forest! Using natural materials, make a shelter with your friends and test it out by eating your food in them!

♦ Forest Adventure - (Suitable for Ages 4 to 8 years) - Have some great fun with building man made tarpaulin shelters, calico leaf art, making rope swings and having a go on hammocks in the woods, a lovely gentle play session!

♦ Fireskills - (Suitable for Ages 4 to 14)  Learn how to make fire with the invention of firesteels! Try your hand at making sparks and lighting your own mini fires before whittling the end of a stick and joining in with a larger campfire to toast marshmallows.

♦ Extended Fireskills - (Suitable for 10 to 14 years) Our standard fireskills session with the addition of Fire by Friction - have a go with double and group bow drills, the art of making embers with no matches or firesteels!

♦ Campfire Cooking - (Suitable for Ages 4 to 14 Learn how to whittle sticks to make your own campfire cooking utensil. Make your own bread dough and bake and munch your own warm bread on a stick! (For parties for those under 9yrs we will prepare the bread dough in advance).

♦ Whittling Spear Sticks - (Suitable For Ages 5 to 14) Learn how to whittle sticks and make yourself a small spear. Then find the animal pictures in the woods and aim at your targets! You can convert your spear into a pencil to take home with our Bushcraft party bags.

♦ Advanced Whittling - (Suitable for 10yrs and over. Maximum of 8 children/young people for this session). Learn how to use knives safely under close supervision of our Bushcraft practitioners. Make a featherstick for use in the complementary fire session.

♦ Natural Cordage Craft - (Suitable for 8 and over) Learn how to make natural string for crafting. Make either some friendship bracelets that you will make from natural materials or a Reindeer antler or horn medallion. Take home your handmade crafts as a gift for someone or for yourself! Maximum Group Size of 10)


We run our Bushcraft Adventure Party from our own specially designed woodland areas.


We limit our Bushcraft Parties to no more than 20 guests, to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to experience a great level of interaction with the Bushcraft modules. 


Our pricing includes the hire of the venue and grounds within our base at The Environment Centre, the materials, staffing :

Type of Bushcraft Adventure Package


Midweek§ - 2½ Hour Bushcraft Adventure Party - 

Up To 20 Guests


Saturday or Sunday (Weekend)  - 2½ Hour Bushcraft Adventure Party - 

Up to 20 Guests


Personalised Themed and Designed Invitations

£12.00 for 20*

Personalised Themed and Designed Thank You Cards

£12.00 for 20*

Sweet Cone Bag Gifts for Guests

£1.50 Each

Standard Bushcraft Themed Party Bags

£3.00 Each

Deluxe Bushcraft Themed Party Bags with Bush Tucker Trail Bush Grub ©

£5.00 Each

All Pricing Includes VATBook Now

§ Midweek from April until October - Early Start Time 4.30pm, Latest 6.30pm

* Includes Royal Mail First Class Postage and Packing. Subtract £1.50 if collected personally.

All Pricing Includes Room and Ground Hire and any materials used within the Bushcraft Modules. 

Prices valid until September 2016.


All Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and conditions will be sent with your Booking Form.

Bushcraft Adventure Parties are wholly run by Animal Days Out C.I.C., a Not For Profit Community Interest Company

Part and Parcel of the Community..

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